by Alex Mateo
GungHo Online Entertainment America announced on Monday that the Grandia HD Remaster and Grandia II HD Remaster games for PC via Steam have been delayed from September to October 15. The Grandia II Anniversary Edition game on PC via Steam will be renamed and updated to Grandia II HD Remaster on that date.

In addition, GungHo Online Entertainment will release an update for Grandia HD Collection for Nintendo Switch on November 12 to resolve issues. The company stated that in order to replicate the same experience for PC users, it has delayed the PC games’ release dates.

The Grandia HD Collection Nintendo Switch game, which includes remasters of both Game Arts’ Grandia and Grandia II games, launched on August 16. The collection was originally slated to launch for Switch last winter.

Game Arts developed the original Grandia game for Sega Saturn in 1997, and for PlayStation in 1999. The game later launched digitally for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita. Grandia II debuted for the Dreamcast in 2000. The game then debuted for PlayStation 2 and PC in 2002, before launching digitally through the PlayStation Network in 2014. GungHo released Grandia II on Steam in 2015.