AMX Mk.61 105mm self propelled howitzer


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Release Date : 2021-08-30
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This is
an injection-plastic military vehicle model kit.

The Mk.61 is a self-propelled gun designed and manufactured by ARE (Atelier de Construction Roanne) and put into practical use by the French Army for the first time after the war. Based on the AMX-13 light tank, the ATS (Atelier de Construction de Tarbes) “M50” 105mm howitzer is a sealed type with a welded bulletproof wall and roof installed at the rear of the vehicle body. It is installed in a limited turning-type battle room. The howitzer body had a depression/elevation angle of -4 to +66 degrees, and a turning angle of 20 degrees to both left and right; it was possible to use NATO-standard 105mm ammunition in addition to domestic ammunition. The maximum range was 15,000m when using grenades, and 56 shots, including six HEATs (anti-tank grenades), could be accommodated in the battle room. It was used in Israel and the Netherlands, Morocco and Indonesia as well as the French Army.This kit includes tracks made of soft resin, photo-etched parts, and multiple decals. Order yours today!
[Includes]: Photo-etched parts, decals

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