Russian Army / Russian Army Police


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Manufacturer : DAMTOYS
Scale : 1/6
Material : no
Producer : DAMTOYS
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Release Date : 2021-12-30
JAN Code : 4582550347874

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This is
a posable action figure.

This 1/6-scale Russian Army/Russian Army Police soldier is fully armed and equipped to handle any situation! He’s built on an insanely posable DAM Toys male body version 3.5 for maximum action. Order him today!Includes:Black tactical gloved hands (x4 pairs)GogglesGoggles cover (digital flora camo)Sunglasses6B47 helmet6B47 helmet cover (digital flora camo)MP beret (red)Scarf mask (OD)VKBO BDU uniform (digital flora camo), jacket and pantsDesert uniform, jacket and pantsPMK-4 gas mask (tan)PMK-4 gas filter lensBeltBlack military boots (x1 pair)6B45 body armor (digital flora camo)”D” hanging buckle (x2)6B51 elbow pad (digital flora camo) (x1 pair)6B51 knee pad (digital flora camo) (x1 pair)Sitting mat (digital flora camo)Thigh gas mask pouch (digital flora camo)Black MP armbandID patches (x9)Single AK mag pouch (digital flora camo) (x2)Single AK mag pouch with one ROP (digital flora camo) (x2)GP pouch (digital flora camo) (x2)Butt pack (digital flora camo)VX radio with PTTPolice batonPolice baton holderROP flares (1 red, 1 green) (x2)Makarov PM pistolPistol holder and thigh molle pad (digital flora camo)AK-74M assault rifleAK-74M 30-round mags (x4)AK-74M 45-round magAK-74M rifle slingOBZOR 1P63 scope sightAK-74 bayonet and scabbardAK-74 bayonet molle pouch (digital flora camo)RGD grenadeRGN grenade

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